MADE FOR THE FIELD




 Construction Site      

  • Breakdowns
  • Maintenance                                     Shutdowns
  • Night light towers & platforms

Transport Industry        

  • Callouts  Spares locked up )
  • Breakdowns ( Spares and tools always available )
  • Maintenance ( Working space with   tools and spares )
  • Tyre repairs ( Compressor and air tools )
  • Cylinder repairs ( Hydraulic power pack )


  • Breakdowns
  • Night light towers
  • Ladder towers and platforms
  • Maintenance                           


G.V.M. 2500 kg    

         Dual axle braking                                                    


Light tower                                                         Ladder tower

Out riggers                                                        Ladder rack

Diesel/petrol welder                                          Water gun

Generator                                                           Crawl beam 250 kg

Spray facility with compressor                       220 volt plugs

Oil tank                                                               Water tank

Diesel tank                                                         Air hose outlets

Shelving for spares & components               Tyre beds / slots                

Oxygen & Acetylene bottles                           Hose racks

Workbench with vice                                      Crimpingmachine (Hydr.)

 Hydr. power pack & cylinders                     Jack & trestle rack             Powder coated to colour choice                            



  • No more tools and spares left                                                     in the workshop.                                                                                                                  
  • Easy to keep stock  of  spares                                                                            and tools.
  • Safe   transportation  of                                                                                                  cutting  equipment .                                  
  • No  more packing and                                                                                                                       unpacking of  bakkies                                                       
  • Equipment  locked  up  after                                                                                  hours

  • One   man   operation               

  •   Load box  with  200 kg                                  crawl beam